Welcome to FirecREST

FirecREST platform, a RESTful Services Gateway to High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources, is a high-performance and reusable framework that integrates with existing HPC infrastructure, thus enabling the access to HPC resources to web-enabled services.

FirecREST provides a REST API that defines a set of HTTP methods through which developers can interact with using the HTTP/REST protocol architecture. Calls to the REST API received are translated into the appropriate infrastructure requests. Among the most prominent services that FirecREST exposes we find authentication and authorization, execution of parallel jobs through a workload manager, file-system operations, data mover, system status, system accounting information, etc.

Latest Release

FirecREST is being actively developed at CSCS. You can always find the latest release here.


FA Cruz, M Martinasso. FirecREST: RESTful API on Cray XC systems [pdf]